Eirik (eirik) wrote in epoch_larp,

Politics again..

Ahh I see that the epoch larp community has been dead for what amounts to almost a year.. well 'tis time to re-build this community and make it active once again..

how am I gonna do that you ask? by shamelessly pushing the vote for me, I"m running for president of epoch toronto platform.. yes I am running for president.. why some of you ask? why would any sane person want to run for president(especially since we have past and present presidents in the epoch larp community) it's easy. I"m Not! yes that's true I"m a dangerously insane individual that's going to devote a good 20 + hours to the club per week, both in the real and in the virtual.

I am running for Prez, if you are a member currently past or present or future player come out to the general meeting or send your proxies to uhmm can't be me I"m involved in the election as a cantidate.. so uhmmm send em to the epoch president via official e-mail to his official e-mail account (not his personal one, he'll beat me otherwise) which is listed on the epoch toronto website.

Uhm I"ll end this ramble now and think of the first new epoch community poll to post here in the comming weeks.
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Deleted comment

Eh.. I do that anyway.. nothing like a good forking in the eye to start the day