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A Notice for the Upcoming Election

As some of you may or may not be aware, I will be running for the position of Treasurer in the upcoming election at next week's general meeting. It is my intention, should I be elected, to lend my skills, experience and expertise to the club in an effort to make the 2006 season run as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

I have experience as a staff member at many other LARPs, both as a Logistics Officer and in a Player Relations position. Professionally, I work for a supply distributor where I assist in both the Customer Service and Accounting departments as the need arises. My job requires me to work within a deadline, keep accurate records, deal with customers, and follow procedure.

I feel I would excell in this position because I am well organized, responsible, flexible, motivated and, above all, dependable. Other members, and prospective Officers and members of the Executive Comittee will find me efficient and easy to work with.

Thank you all for your support and consideration.

-Chantal Boily

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I will also be at tonight's meeting to adress any inquiries.
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